Project: International soil co-operation for improved visibility and impact FIN SOIL ACTION

Duration: 2021–2023

Consortium: Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) and Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)

Persons in charge: Elisa Vainio (BSAG), Laura Höijer (BSAG) and Annalea Lohila (FMI)

Funder: the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as part of the ’Catch the carbon’ -programme

Short description: The main goal of the project is to strengthen the impact and visibility of Finnish soil know-how, the networking of experts in the field nationally and internationally, and co-operation with key international networks. The project builds strongly on existing national and international networks, projects, and events – raising awareness of these, building cooperation and synergies, new opportunities, funding opportunities, and impact.

As a result of the project, Finland’s and Carbon Action’s cooperation with the 4/1000 initiative in particular will be intensified. The most visible is the 4/1000 Northern Europe event to be held in 2023, together with the 4/1000 initiative. Finland takes its place as a pioneer in promoting carbon sequestration in agricultural land, and at the same time strongly promotes the international networking of Finnish researchers and other actors.

Through events and other activities, the project will promote solutions for the promotion of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) work, carbon market mechanisms, user-friendly tools for carbon sequestration monitoring, regenerative soil management, soil monitoring, certification, climate solutions for peatlands and citizen participation. The project also promotes the coordination of biodiversity and climate measures.

BSAG is responsible for project management, coordination, communication, event organization and participation, and interaction. The Finnish Meteorological Institute is responsible for scientific co-operation and co-ordination with the 4/1000 initiative. EJP SOIL program / EJP SOIL National Hub is a key collaborator.

FIN SOIL ACTION at the XI Soil Science Days 16 September 2021

The biennial scientific seminar Soil Science Days, organized by the Finnish Society of Soil Sciences, began with a webinar. The first session of the webinar, ’Worldwide task: Soil carbon sequestration to agricultural soils’, was organized by the Baltic Sea Action Group. This session presented international collaboration in soil science and actions towards increasing carbon sequestration in agricultural soils. The session concluded that soil is now in fashion, it really is time for soil work and international collaboration. You can watch the recording of the session below. More information on the webpage of the Finnish Society of Soil Sciences.

Caring for soil is caring for life

Introducing international networks working to promote soil health.

Watch also the SOIL AS A CARBON SINK -video by Nordic Agro Research, featuring FIN SOIL ACTION.