Project: INAR RI Agriculture

Duration: 2020-2023

Person in charge: Mari Pihlatie, University of Helsinki,

Consortium: University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Funder: Academy of Finland

Short description:

The INAR RI Agriculture network with its measuring stations, led by Assistant Professor Mari Pihlatie, investigates the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration capacity of northern agricultural lands.

The INAR RI Agriculture project has received nearly 1.4 million euros for a period of three years in funding from the Academy of Finland. With these funds, a top-level research network will be set up in Finland to study the effects of climate and air quality on northern agricultural lands. The network includes seven high-level measurement stations for long-term and continuous measurements of greenhouse gases and nitrogen emissions on mineral lands. In addition, it includes mobile, targeted measuring stations for peatlands and an isotope laboratory focusing on state-of-the-art process research.

The INAR RI Agriculture project provides significant information on greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon sequestration capacity in northern agricultural lands. The project will also guide climate policy decisions. In addition to the University of Helsinki, the University of Eastern Finland, Natural Resources Institute Finland, and the Finnish Meteorological Institute are involved.

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