Project: Individuals, communities, and municipalities mitigating climate change by carbon smart green space (CO-CARBON)

Duration: 2020–2023, possible continuation 2024–2026.

Consortium: University of Helsinki, Aalto University, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), University of Copenhagen

Consortium contact persons: PI: Associate Prof. Leena Järvi (University of Helsinki),

Deputy PI: Associate Prof. Ranja Hautamäki (Aalto University),

Research Coordinator: Rosa Rantanen (University of Helsinki),

Interaction Coordinator: Tiina Merikoski (Aalto University),

Funder: Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland

Short description:

Urban green infrastructure plays a key role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Vegetation and soil store atmospheric carbon, modify local climate conditions, enhance stormwater cycling, and increase human well-being.

CO-CARBON is a multidisciplinary research project aiming to quantify the carbon storage of green spaces at different urban scales using novel measurements and process-based models. A wide range of socio-ecological factors will be considered while evaluating the planning and management needs of carbon-smart green spaces.

In CO-CARBON, atmospheric, soil and social scientists work together with landscape designers and urban planners. New solutions and knowledge for planning, implementation and maintenance of carbon smart urban green infrastructure are developed. This will be done in collaboration with project partners, citizens, businesses and city planners. The project aims to make carbon smart green spaces well-recognized as part of urban transition at different societal levels.

CO-CARBON website.

Work packages (WP):

WP1 ‘Quantification of carbon storage and fluxes in UGI’, Associate prof. Leena Järvi, UH

WP2 ‘Verification and upscaling of CSS in diverse UGI’, Doc. Liisa Kulmala, FMI

WP3 ‘Envisioning carbon-smart and just UGI’, Prof. Christopher Raymond, UH

WP4 ‘Planning carbon-smart UGI from city-level to green spaces’, Associate prof. Ranja Hautamäki, AU

WP5 ‘Construction and management of carbon-smart’, Doc. Harri Mattila, HAMK

WP6 ‘Consumer carbon handprint’, Post-doctoral researcher Juudit Ottelin, AU

WP7 ’Interaction’, Post-doctoral researcher Tiina Merikoski, AU