Project: CARBO – Verification of carbon sequestration in grass fields (CARBOCREDIT)

Duration: 2019 – 2020

Person in charge: Jari Liski, Finnish Meteorological Institute,

Consortium: CARBOCREDIT project belongs to CARBO project portfolio. CARBO portfolio: Valio, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Natural Resources Institute LUKE, University of Eastern Finland, Atria and Yara. The research and development projects focusing especially on carbon sequestration in grass fields are also working with many smaller companies and research groups.

Funder: Business Finland

Short description:

The goal of CARBO is to reduce the environmental impacts of the Finnish dairy and meat chain using research data, new innovations and farm pilots. At the same time, the profitability of Finnish agriculture and its competitiveness on export markets will be improved. The project is also responding to changes in consumer demand for more transparency and sustainability in the primary production of food.

CARBOCREDIT project focuses on verification. The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) developes a system to reliably measure the carbon sequestration of vegetation and soil. Having a measuring system enables the planning and wide-scale adoption of measures that strengthen the carbon sequestration of soil. In the project, FMI are also researching what practical measures can be used to best sequester carbon in soil in conjunction with food production. Among other things, the research at the pilot farms is focusing on how the number of different grass species, the mowing height of the grass, and the fertilizer used affect the ability of the grass to sequester carbon.


LUKE’s project in the CARBO portfolio: CARBOGRASS